What is it?

The Young Entrepreneur Programme is a unique opportunity to explore and develop the talents of all participants. It complements traditional learning by layering workshops, case studies and interaction with key business leaders on top of participants own ideas.
For anyone thinking of starting a business now or in the future this programme presents an ideal opportunity. Unlock your own creativity, focus your inspiration, challenge yourself with confidence.

Why is it different?

What makes the Young Entrepreneur Programme different from other youth entrepreneurship focused programmes is the connections it creates between business, teachers and students.

Future entrepreneurs

Those who have created this vision hope that all of our efforts will leave a mark on the students who undertake this course. They may develop to become local or global entrepreneurs in business or alternatively bring entrepreneurial thinking to their place of work, to Government or to education itself.

This is a unique programme which is the result of educators, state bodies, entrepreneurs, private sector companies and individuals pooling their resources for the common good and to provide an enriching experience for all.

No charge

The Young Entrepreneur Programme is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to illustrating the validity of entrepreneurship as a career choice. It is our mission to help identify, inform, recognise and celebrate Kerry’s next generation of business leaders - and their educators. The Young Entrepreneur Programme could not exist without the generous support of our sponsors.

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