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Ogie Sheehy

Founder & CEO, Automated Management Solutions Ltd

(John) Ogie Sheehy, founder and CEO of Automated Management Solutions Ltd - A company that provide software solutions to small and large companies alike focusing primarily in the area of HR and compliance solutions. Ogie has up to 14 years experience in high tech multinationals including Dell Computers Limerick for 3 years as Senior IT manager. During this time his role was to provide IT solutions to the ever expanding business to improve efficiencies and grow the business via the best technological solutions. Prior to that he worked with IBM for 6 years and most recently held the position of head of IT for the “Server Manufacturing Division” where he was responsible for IT solutions support for that facility. Prior to that he was working in Hewlett Packard as a Production Supervisor in the Manufacturing plant where they produced the inkjet Cartridge.

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